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The Process of Creation

January 14, 2011

Whether you believe the Bible or not, it is beyond question that ageless wisdom can be found within it. Almost every great philosopher and notable figure in history has referenced some passage or saying from it. Even more than the explicit proverbs and direct quotes, a lot of wisdom can be gleaned from the principles and morals behind the description of stories and events.

Anyone who is familiar with the book of Genesis knows that it describes the process by which God created the earth and life on it. Even if you disagree with the factuality of the account, there is a deeper nugget of wisdom that the ancient authors embedded here; a powerful formula that is the key to the achievement of ANYTHING.

1. Think: The process of creation begins at Genesis 1:2. Before the first day of the 7-day project, God moved over the face of the void earth and considered the raw materials he had to work with. The decision to create life of the void planet was the first step. Accomplishing anything always begins with a decision, an idea, a vision.

2. Speak: Every day, every stage of the creation process is initiated with the declaration and affirmation that something specific is going to take place. Speaking your plans is a powerful step, as it brings your mental faculties into alignment with the next step.

3. Do: Immediately after God stated his daily goal, he employed his power toward the process of making his vision a reality. It is absolutely crucial to follow up plans with action right away. Even if the method or the process is not fully known, boldly engaging in actions towards your goal have a power in itself that can be rightly described as miraculous. You find that things start falling into place unexpectedly, resources, solutions and assistance appear from nowhere, its almost as though the entire universe is backing you.

4. Create: The process is not complete until the process is complete. The step that, in my opinion, causes the greatest challenge to any achievement is not taking action, but following through with the process. Numerous obstacles have to be overcome at this stage. The wonderful thing is, once you kick the first obstacle, the momentum builds and the subsequent challenges become easier to destroy. You simply cannot let up, because often what looks like failure is really the moment just before success.

5. Celebrate: Is this really a step in the creation process? I mean, once you’ve done created what you’ve envisioned, you’re done, right? Well yes and no. What’s the point of getting things you want if you can’t enjoy them? Take time to appreciate and be grateful for the results you’ve achieved. Congratulate yourself for the personal growth you’ve attained. Not only did God take a whole day off after the grand project was completed, at the end of each day he took in his daily accomplishment and felt good about it. Its important to enjoy the fruits of your work.

One final thought I’d like to point out is the principle of breaking down projects into sub-projects. Nobody would doubt that God, having the power to create the entire universe, could have created everything to furnish the earth instantaneously. However, breaking up a goal into smaller parts gives you a map framework with measurable milestones. Each sub-project requires all the creation elements, and each accomplish can be celebrated individually, giving that valuable motivation that will help you get to the next project.

As I said at the beginning, whether you believe that the biblical account of creation is a myth our not is irrelevant to the point I’m making here. The wisdom of the underlying principles of achievement is what is being focused on, not the historical exactness of the story. Regardless of the source, it is always sensible to acknowledge wisdom whenever possible. The accumulation of wisdom never ends.

Now go out there and start accomplishing!

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