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The Anatomy of Success

January 15, 2011

Have you ever thought about the question: what is success? What really is success for you? Is there even such a thing as the right answer to this question?

The “right” answer is very simple. Success is the state of having what you want, doing what you want, and being what you want. That’s it.

Of course, there’s an enormous blank here. What do you want? Really. If you just say that what you want is to be successful, then you are going around in a circle. You need to create a picture in your mind, as definite and precise as possible, of exactly what you want to have, do and be.

For most of us, what we see as success almost always consists of the accomplishments of someone else. For example, we may be looking at the music video of a popular song, or a magazine spread of a luxurious home, or an article about a prosperous business tycoon or celebrity. And we may be thinking that it would be wonderful to live that kind of life, to be able to shop in designer fashion stores, travel to beautiful places, drive luxury cars, and, of course, have lots of money and free time with which to do these things.

It is essential to fantasize about living better and having better things. This puts us in a motivated emotional state and gives us short term inspiration to pursue these fantasies and make them a reality in our own lives. And by routinely going into these fantasy modes we can perpetuate this motivation until it becomes a habit.

However, two things are important to consider. First, and most important, we must fantasize on something very specific. It makes no sense to wish for EVERYTHING you see in every magazine, video or article you browse, or to create different fantasies each time and continually motivate yourself to pursue something different, because you will create no focus and make it impossible to formulate a path you can actually follow. Also, do not look at the success of others in comparison to what you see as a lack of success in your own life, nor that you need to get want someone else items in order for you to have it. You will see that you are going to be creating the success you desire to have through nothing else but your own creative actions. Make sure that your fantasy is singular and specific. Look at the same luxury home everyday, review the same business profile, or at least the same business field.

Second, you must put your motivation into action. Once you decide the fantasy you want to realize, and you acknowledge that you have the power to see your fantasy life become your reality, then start taking action. Even the act of planning your action is an action. You can’t just sit around watching music videos and magazines all day. Capture the motivation, then get up and start following up with action.

Get serious about success. Treat it as though you really want it. If you really want success, if you really desire to have, do and be the thing in your mind that you fantasize daily about, and if you believe and understand that by acting in a way that pursues this goal without quitting, you can and will have, do and be your desires, then there is nothing left for me to say but get going! The one and only life you have is, by immutable universal law, going to turn out exactly how your subconscious mind foretells it will be. What you think about, whether it is something you are remembering, observing or imaging, is what motivates your actions, and your actions are what bring the results of your life into manifestation.

In summary, success is a 3-part formula. First, decide on what you want your fantasy of success to be, in very definite and specific terms. Second, allow yourself to focus on this fantasy in order to generate the motivation in your mind that you will eventually realize that fantasy. Third, begin to act. Your mind, once focused on the definite goal, will begin to create the plans of action automatically, even if you are unaware of the work your mind is doing. Plans will come to you, both from outside sources, which you will be highly perceptive and receptive of, and from within you, as unique inventions of your own origin. All you must do is act upon them. Your actions are those that will always bring you closer to the fantasy that inspired them, and you will know it. So do it, never quit, and you will be successful.

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