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The Science of Attraction

January 15, 2011

The law of attraction is a very simple natural law. I mention that it is a natural law because we must regard it as every other law of nature that exists. Just like gravity, or electricity, or momentum, or any other law of science, it is completely objective and unbiased as to the motive of its use. The laws will work exactly the same whether they are being used to constructive our destructive ends. And they are exactly duplicable in that they will always give the same result when applied under the same conditions.

So we are familiar with the theories of gravity and electricity, but the theory of the law of attraction, as being described here, is somewhat foreign territory. Of course, most other laws of nature, particularly those that involve math or physics, are taught in schools, documented in text books, and discussed in length by members of the scientific community. Laws of nature that are more of a mental nature, but are fundamentally just as valid and universal as the ones taught in schools, are less likely to be published by mainstream science, (for reasons I’m not going to get into at this time) and therefore are greeted with skepticism and sometimes even ridicule when introduced.

If I were to tell you that sowing and reaping is a law of nature, would you doubt that it were true? A seed of a particular type, if given the right conditions, will grow into a plant/organism of the same type, bear fruits of the same type, and produce more seeds of the same type as the one originally planted. This always happens. The time taken to get results, and the quantity and quality of the results, could actually be calculated to a precise mathematical measure if all the factors involved in the growth of the plant were measured. That is how exact the law of sowing and reaping is; completely duplicable and objective. Just because it is not a subject of science within the established traditional education system, that does not make it less of a science than arithmetic or chemistry.

Just like with any other science, the law of attraction is equally objective and equally exact. The same input under the same conditions will produce the same result. Acknowledging or rejecting this fact doesn’t make it any less than what it is, neither does it prevent it from acting on every one of us.

In future posts I will get into details about the forms of input, conditions and results that are affected by the law of attraction. For this post, the objective is simply to establish that attraction is a law of nature.

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  1. Great, this is really what I was looking for. Thanks!

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