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Are You a Millionaire?

January 18, 2011

Huh? Is that a rhetorical question? By definition, a millionaire is someone whose net worth (assets minus debts) is valued at 1 million dollars or more. So if you’ve done the math and the result isn’t even in the ballpark, then your obvious response is “no”.

Fair enough.

How about we look at the question from a different perspective. Consider the question: are you a farmer? No, I’m not asking if YOU are a farmer, just for you to consider the question. The definition of a farmer is one who owns and/or operates a farm. But there’s more to it than that. When exactly does a person become a farmer? I mean at what point? Is it when the harvest is picked? When the crops begin to grow? When planting begins? Can you be considered a farmer while you are preparing the soil? Our even when you first purchase the land? How far back must we go to determine if it’s ok to consider someone a farmer? What about before the land is even bought? Can you say you’re a farmer before you even own a farm? Before the farm even exists?

Of course, as much as we can sit around and contemplate the point when it’s ok for someone to apply the label, the only person really qualified to make such a judgement is the farmer himself. From the farmer’s perspective, before the crops are growing he is a farmer. Before the seeds are planted of the ground is tilled he is a farmer. Even before the first piece of equipment or structure is on the land, or the land itself is even seen, he is a farmer. That man becomes a farmer the moment he makes the decision that he will be one, even if his farm exists only in his imagination. From this point on, he does everything as a farmer. He buys farm land, equipment, seeds and tools. He works, sows, tends and waits, as a farmer would. His mind is on the welfare of his crops, the labor of the coming days, and the profits he can get at the market. His entire life is reoriented so that he can function effectively as a farmer. In every respect, he is as much a farmer at the moment he makes the decision as he is after 10 years of successful farming.

So now let’s go back to the original question: are you a millionaire? The true answer had nothing to do with your bank balance, the size of your investment portfolio, or the equity in your property or business. The answer to the question depends on one unique and personal factor that must be present in the person being asked: a decision. Have you made the decision that you are a millionaire? Have you committed yourself to adopting a millionaire role? Do you think like a millionaire? Have you declared and affirmed convincingly that you are a millionaire? If you have, then you have every right to answer the question “yes, I am”, even if the million dollars only exists in your imagination. You don’t need a financial analyst our accountant to answer this question. You can answer this question yourself the moment you make the decision.

  1. phillip pedro permalink

    go go go on man don’t stop

  2. April permalink

    I’ve been looking for articles and comments of how a average person who used the laws of attraction to create the life they want. Your articles are a great encouragement to me. I learned about the law of attraction about a year ago. It was exciting to hear about, but I did not allow the information to make impact in my life at that time. I needed to work on the paradigms that I grew up with. This year the topic of the law of attraction was introduced to me again, and I believe that I was ready for change at this time. I can see how the little that I have learn about attraction has worked in some smaller goals in my life that I am very grateful for. But now I’m ready for bigger and better levels in my family, business and ministry work. Did you get to a point like this in your journey and if so? What did you do to move to the next level?
    Thanks for your feedback

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