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Love: do you get it?

September 2, 2015

Why do we think love is that special? It costs nothing to produce, is in high demand, yet can’t seem to be found. It’s something we seem to instinctively recognize, yet reproduce so little of. Everybody has a different idea of what love means to them, nobody can agree on it, yet nobody is wrong. We all believe it exists, but it’s the elusive magical unicorn that we can’t seem to find. Our concepts about what love really is are as unique as we are. And though we all understand that we can’t assume people know what love is, we assume that people automatically understand what it means to us.

Love: we complain that we don’t get it, and that’s because we don’t get it.

Love is overrated. I don’t seek it, I don’t require it, I don’t want it. I don’t lack love, so I don’t go searching for it. I understand that nobody understands love, so I don’t hold it against people to deliver something they don’t know how to produce. I don’t make expectations of people, and allow them the right to not love.

And yet I have no shortage of love in my life. You could say I have more love in my life than I can find use for. Love given to me is useless.

Love is not something you’re supposed to get. It’s not something you request or demand. It’s not even something you can keep, acquire, accumulate or hoard. You don’t need people to love you, you don’t need people to do things that you interpret in your mind as expressions of their love to you.

Love is something you give. It is the only thing love is good for. It’s the only form of love that can do you any good.

Give value away freely. Grant favors. Cherish others. Evoke laughter. Inspire. Uplift.

And when you get nothing in return, that’s when you get it. When you have nobody to love you back, that’s the moment you understand. When you become a loving person with absolutely no regard whatsoever to reciprocity, you’ve become a producer of love. You become a source of love that can never be bankrupt. And that abundance can never change, under no circumstances. A person of value is never poor, and never wants. A person that loves is never needy.

It’s when you give love away, and have no desire to receive love back, that’s when you get it.

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