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I became a millionaire by applying the law of attraction. The simplicity of the concept baffles, and is largely rejected by, the average individual, not because it is a philosophy shrouded in metaphysics, mysticism and mystery (which it isn’t), but because it boldly defies what the average individual has been trained to accept as reality. In order to grasp the concept of the law of attraction, also known as “The Secret”, one must first be willing to abandon the belief system and paradigm of the world that has been the only perspective of reality known to that individual from birth, as a matter of fact before even birth, and before your parents’ birth and your parent’s parent’s birth. Surmounting such a paradigm would be the equivalent of being buried under a mountain of rock and dirt and digging yourself out to the surface to discover both a new level of freedom and new perspective of reality. This is the tough pill to swallow: how do we navigate into a way of seeing reality that is so unfamiliar to us and to anyone that we know, that seems to be a map to a fantasy world that doesn’t exist? Do we have to become almost paranoid to the point of subscribing to conspiracy theories because we must now accept that everything we have ever learned about reality is a lie?

I intend to share my thoughts on the subject through this blog site. Both the underlying philosophies and practical application of the law of attraction, as I have come to understand it and live by it, will be major themes of this site. Hopefully I inspire some of you to grasp the law of attraction, discover the secret of unlocking what you want in your own life, and claim your share in the bountiful wealth and satisfaction that the world has to offer. At the very least, this site will be my own public journal, my discoveries and adventures along the life I now enjoy, open to challenges and discussion if people are so inclined. Enjoy, and leave feedback.

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